Industrial Paint

We act as a distributor of industrial paints to protect your assets, providing solutions that not only enhance the appearance of your owning but also give them a long-term sustainability. Our range of industrial paints inspired by new technology, are designed to meet the latest industry standards. Our specialties include anti-corrosive paints and long-lasting finishes.


  • LEED Complete range of coatings meeting all standards
  • Aerolon, insulation coating to create thermal break barriers
  • Stratasheild, complete range for epoxy floor coating and polyurethane
  • Fluoropolymer exterior finish with 15 years guarantee against discoloration and gloss retention
  • Chemprobe hydrophobic exterior building product protection for masonry and other surfaces


  • The inventor of aerosol spray paint
  • Complete line of products for all budgets (industrial, automotive and chemicals)
  • Wide variety of colors


  • Paint made in Canada and mainly distributed by Peinture Drouin
  • Direct metal enamel, epoxy, polyurethane and many other specialized products at competitive prices
  • High performance ecological products respecting all the V.O.C. rules


  • Wide range of high performance industrial paints
  • Quebec brand founded in 1983 and manufactured in Boisbriand
  • Renowned company across Canada working in unison to bring the technology of tomorrow to you today

Steel Primer

  • Meeting standard’s  1.73A & 2-75 CICA / PSAC
  • Grey, oxide red, black, white, yellow
  • Simple component primer and phenolic primer for structure
  • Water based LEED Primer
  • Epoxy primer
  • Color Match
  • Vinyl wash primer for galvanized structure and /or aluminum structure
  • Rust converter (converts red oxide to black oxide)

Zinc Primer (cold galvanizing)

  • Zinc Rich (up to 89% pure zinc)
  • 1 component galvicon
  • Approved by MTQ and Hydro Quebec
  • Application on cold and wet surfaces (99% moisture)
  • Application at temperatures up to -5 ° C
  • Several categories and price available

Industrial enamel Top Coat

  • Can be applied with or without primer (DTM)
  • Direct to Rust Metal satin or glossy finish
  • Slow drying, standard or fast drying
  • Ideal for farm equipment
  • Wide range of colors

Fast drying enamel Top Coat

  • Dry in 15 minutes
  • Few apply without primer (DTM)
  • Wide range of colors

Vinyl Guard Top Coat

  • Single component
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Few apply without primer (DTM)
  • Weatherproof, high humidity, alkaline products, inorganic acids and chemicals


  • 2 component building primer
  • Direct to metal available (DTM)
  • High Performance Concrete Floor (unparalleled resistance)
  • Anti slip for flooring


  • 2 components
  • Inter-mix system
  • Several possible drying time
  • Rapid wrapping
  • High UV resistance, no discoloration
  • High solid percentage
  • Can be applied without primer (DTM)

Water-based industrial paint

  • Quick-drying component
  • No odor
  • Almost Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Meet LEED specification
  • Primer and Top coat
  • Wide range of colors
  • Available in various finishes (satin or gloss)

Moisture cure – Corrosion Resistant

  • One component for cold and wet surfaces (99% moisture)
  • Application at temperatures up to -5 ° C
  • Primer and / or Top Coat (DTM)
  • Inside truck box , salt spreaders
  • Ideal for bridge, pier and buoy
  • Minimal surface preparation (washing presssion high)


  • Armor Tank, high-performance liner system to protect the inside of the chemical tanks

Food Approved coating (FDA)

  • Antibacterial protection, anti mold and anti fungal
  • Great for hospitals, restaurant kitchen, hotel, sugar shack and commercial freezer
  • Water-based without smell and can be use in immersion (maple water tank)
  • Direct and indirect contact with food

Marking paint

  • Competitive Price
  • Several colors
  • Water-based or oil
  • Volume discount available

High heat paint

  • Full range of resistance from 200 ° C (400 ° F) and 700 ° C (1200 ° F)
  • Available in all colors
  • One or two components

Intumescent paint

  • Full range of resistance to extreme heat
  • Able to withstand hydrocarbon fires and explosion
  • One or two components

Varnish and lacquer

  • Clear or opaque
  • Precat, Postcat and Polyurethane
  • Stain Water-based or solvent

Stripper / Remover

  • Liquid or gel
  • Excellent for wood, metal / 2 component epoxy or polyurethane paint
  • Water odorless Base
  • Biodegradable


  • Full Range (lacquer, xylene, methyl Hydrathe, Naphtha for Clean blank)
  • Fast, regular and / or slow depending on temperatures

Surface preparation

  • 102 Holdtight dissolving salt / Biodegradable with corrosion preventer
  • Metal conditioner / Biodegradable
  • For Aluminium and Stainless surfaces


  • Water-based and / or solvent
  • Complete range of colors
  • Available in liter or gallon

Industrial aerosols

  • Full range (Email, High solid, reinforced urethane)
  • Inverted, marking (sports field, golf, road, forest)
  • Custom Aerosol (private labels, wide selection of colors)
  • Custom Filling
  • Lubricant penetrating oil, cleaner, brake cleaner, glue and specialties
  • Fast or Standard drying
  • Highly competitive price / volume discount possible

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