Since 2008, we are proud to offer LEED approved products. The criteria are becoming stricter for energy efficiency, water consumption, heating usage and paint application that respect the environment. That’s why we are working with several manufacturers that have environmental products.

Every business day, $ 464 million, are spent on construction project. We are getting involved more often with the LEED certification system and this movement is growing fast. The ecological approach is really becoming essential in the field of construction. For information on our systems of high-performance coating or for your next LEED project, contact Peinture Jacques Drouin Inc.


There is a checklist for a LEED project containing 6 categories:

  1. Ecological Site Development
  2. Effective management of water
  3. Energy and Atmosphere
  4. Materials and Resources
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality
  6. Innovation in Design Process

We operate with the 4th category in the section of Paints and coatings. The main goal is to reduce the amount of contaminants in the air. Paint sometimes contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are odorous, irritating and potentially harmful to the environment.