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Peinture Drouin is an ally for all your research with any special coatings. Every week, new customers contact us for sustainable solutions. We’re always looking out for new products on the market and remain at the forefront of ecological friendly coatings. With many years of experience, we have developed a unique department to assist you in all of your projects whether they are industrial, architectural or marine.

We have established exclusive relationships with various producers in different niche markets. All paint manufacturers have strengths and weaknesses, that’s why we strive to get everyone’s top shelf products. We are independent and always looking for the best quality, prices and value of your projects.

In 2022, a wind of change is blowing on Peinture Drouin. After the acquisition of a new building in the Colbert Park, the company progresses and improves greatly. The distribution center, which has lived 40 years of history in a residential sector is now moving to an industrial park at 2405 Dalton Avenue. Peinture Drouin continues to grow and keeps the service as his number 1 priority. Several new challenges are on the horizon!

Family History

Our Company was founded in 1980 in St-Sauveur, Quebec, by Mr. Jacques Drouin. He was able to differentiate the company from the competition by offering products from local manufacturers, especially in the residential market. Over the years, Peinture Drouin always distinguished itself from others by its diversity in terms of unique, specialized and high performance paint.

In 1997, his daughter Elaine Drouin and her husband Raymond Quirion bought the business. They decided to put the emphasis on the Industrial market. With the addition of several new manufacturers, the customers have recognized us as a helpful adviser. Today the two sons, Raymond Philippe and Jean-François have joined the team. Our primary concern is to understand the needs of our clients to guide them better. Very personalized, our service is simple, direct and effective.


Raymond Quirion


Élaine Drouin


Mario Paradis

Head Colorist

Jean-François Quirion


Raymond-Philippe Quirion

Sales Representative

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Senior Technician

Robert Gervais

Sales Representative

Daniel St-Cyr, Ph. D.

Sales Representative

Anthony Angers-Blouin

Customer Service

Camille Marceau


Jacques Cyr

Warehouse Assistant

Jessy Béland

Warehouse Assistant

Kobe Quirion

Official Mascott

Jacques Cyr

Commis Entrepôt

Kobe Quirion

Mascotte Officielle