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  • Cutek Oil Stain | Lifetime Warranty
  • Aerolon
  • Sea Glass Carrousel
  • HoldTight 102
  • Cutek Oil Stain | Lifetime Warranty

    Peinture Drouin added another string to his bow by introducing CUTEK oil stain line by Chemisys. Founded in 1986, CHEMISYS are chemical experts, excellent problem solver, and masters in the general coating formulation. With manufacturing plants in New Zealand , Australia and the UK, Chemisys develops, manufactures and distributes several custom designed products for the…

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    Tnemec and Peinture Drouin partner up to launch the first innovative, fluid-applied, thermal insulating coating utilizing Aerogel particles that imparts exceptional insulative properties. It is odorless, dry fall and a LEED product. Applying on a multitude of surfaces, such as metal, concrete and wood, this water-based coating is mainly used for minimizing the thermal bridges…

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    Sea Glass Carrousel

    After working more than 10 years on this project with several Quebec contractors, Sea Glass Carrousel has finally emerged. This original animated structure is located in one of the oldest Manhattan public parks. This artistic masterpiece is another Quebec realisation that differentiates us again.

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    HoldTight 102

    This salt remover and flash rust preventer is a one step additive that is mixed with water for all your preparations surfaces. This specialized product effectively removes all chlorides, sulfates, phosphates, nitrates, oils, grease on steel and concrete surfaces. Pressure wash is the perfect way to use the HoldTight 102 with different dilution ratios.

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